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超过7*000名护士从今天开始在纽约市举行罢工。这个标志说明了一切:"如果护士在外面,里面就有问题了。" (via @jessie_eli on tw)

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#WorkReform image
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed a law guaranteeing free breakfast and lunch for all students in the state, regardless of how much money their parents make. ( image
A clear, specific objective for the public to fight for - criminalizing wage theft (
JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon responding to requests on a livable wage for his employees. ( image
The minimum wage would be over $24 an hour if it kept up with productivity gains ( image
More than 7 *THOUSAND* nurses are on strike in NYC starting TODAY. This sign says it all: "If the nurses are outside, something is wrong inside." (via @jessie_eli on tw) ( image
"I am the main breadwinner in my landlord's family" ( image
Unions also protect your employment from being terminated for bullshit reasons ( image
Teachers deserve more. More money, more respect, more input, more autonomy. Support our teachers. ( image
My boss posted a sign saying we can’t talk wages at work. My coworker posted her own retort. ( image
The post responsible for shutting down r/antiwork? I took this screenshot about 15 minutes ago. This post has over 100 awards in approximately 1 hour. Now r/antiwork is gone. (