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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

2022 年 第 44 周归档(10.31 - 11.07)

Built YouTube bookmarking feature to my Twitter-like Inspirational Quotes app. (old.reddit.com)
I made a multiplayer chat game in pixel art (old.reddit.com)
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Side Hustle Stack: FREE resource to find platform-based work, ranging from gig work and side hustles to platforms (www.reddit.com)
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I made a mobile friendly Solitaire game - AwesomeSolitaire.com (old.reddit.com)
Want some crypto? Perform some easy tasks, level up and earn more than 50 tokens daily. BTC, SHIB, DOGE, LTC, ETH and many more! (old.reddit.com)
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Crashguard - Delivering deep, rich crash reporting across devices (www.producthunt.com)
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Cryptobiz.ai launch! Crypto news and trading games platform (www.reddit.com)
Creator Economy Idea: Buying contents anonymously from your friends (www.reddit.com)
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My first Indie Project: Built a 30 seconds version for football fans (www.reddit.com)
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Collection of Youtube live channels that can be added to any IPTV client. (github.com)
Hey Guys I Just launched A Side Project I've Been Using Personally For A While That I Know Will Make you Incredibly Productive (www.reddit.com)
I am building a product called "Ask Me Anything", which is a tool for your audience to ask you anything. (www.reddit.com)
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Showoff: Have your entire network like and share your social media content! (old.reddit.com)
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Made a supersonic plugin for scroll based animation: 3kb, animates 1000 elements without lags, customizable as hell (www.reddit.com)
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Requesting professionals from Finance CRM industry to help with a quick survey (www.reddit.com)
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Looking for a partner with an audience - coffee creamer supplement (www.reddit.com)
I have built a web like terminal wordle with slow reveal letter colors on guess and keyboard hints. (www.reddit.com)
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Don't Spend Money on Ads, Increase your User Retention by 100x Every Month for More Revenue. (www.reddit.com)
i.redd.it image
Find out when a website was created (old.reddit.com)
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We built Honey for SaaS- Get discounts & rewards on SaaS tools! (www.reddit.com)
Reddit News - a minimalistic news site automatically generated from Reddit posts (www.reddit.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
An API to get the sentiment that a piece of text has towards an entity, or a relationship between two separate entities (www.reddit.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
[DEV] An app to reveal highly accurate place-based data in any area of the world (www.reddit.com)
Free Trial Abuse 🤷 (old.reddit.com)
✨Free open-source URL shortener project (Written in Qwik, Nest.js, and Prisma) ✨ (www.reddit.com)
Only 2% of website visitors convert, what about the 98%? (www.reddit.com)
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I recently launched my first app for creating screenshots with customizable backgrounds and watermarks. (www.reddit.com)
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I made an alarm clock hack that gently wakes you up to the sound of your current weather and frying eggs as an internet radio stream. (wakeslow.kumpf.cc)
Created Twitter character counter to manage tweets outside Twitter and tweet directly (old.reddit.com)
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I finished a gaming project. It might fail, but I got to the end of it and it was worth it. (foldablegamingchair.com)
My friend and I created a service that, with just one line of code, you can start a feedback loop that will provide you with detailed reports on what your users think about your product. (fdbck.io)
I made an app that automatically creates cocktail recipes based on your preferences 🍸 (old.reddit.com)
I made an online multiplayer game! 6 months ago had no front end experience, real proud of this project. (www.reddit.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
We made a site that generates personal statements for UK students using AI - now where do we find students?! (www.reddit.com)
I made an app for sharing your travel plans and meet with your friends around the globe. (www.reddit.com)
Do you want a Mobile App for finding Speedtest Results for Hotels, Cafés, Coworkings, etc? (www.reddit.com)
I built an app that makes it easy to turn your testimonials into 100s of different embeddable widgets (old.reddit.com)
Bootstrapping a mind map/flowchart inspired project planning tool to help technical teams explain the complexities and big picture of their projects. Feedback is welcome! Twigflo.com (old.reddit.com)
Looking for a tech lead near-founder to turn my post revenue side project into our main project (mods delete if not allowed) (www.reddit.com)
I made an app that scans price tags from store shelves and calculate the total of your grocery bill (old.reddit.com)
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I built a documentation platform to use for my open source desktop app (duckdocs.com)
i.redd.it image
I've developed a habit tracker for my task manager app to help me build good habits. Let me know what you guys think! (old.reddit.com)
[Update] I released Screen Studio - screen recorder that makes mouse movement smooth and follows clicks (old.reddit.com)
I built a FREE database for AI ART Apps. Find All You Need For AI Art. (Link to click on comments!) (old.reddit.com)
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RevMatch officially launches on the Apple App Store! (www.reddit.com)
Changing the Way We Wake Up (Alarm Clock Startup Idea) (www.reddit.com)
I'm built an app that let's you try new hairstyles with AI 😂 All ideas and suggestions are welcome! (old.reddit.com)
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Share notes with link previews using pocketnotes.app (pocketnotes.app)
I am offering a year free to 5 indie makers for a privacy respecting Google Analytics alternative (www.reddit.com)
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Email for SaaS 101 - the ultimate guide for sending emails for your side project (www.reddit.com)
I have made a chat site for people who actually want to just chat (www.reddit.com)
I built code AI tool that takes any problem thrown at it and gives the corresponding source code in any major programming language. (old.reddit.com)
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How I Created a Successful NFT Collection With No Experience (And How You Can Too) (www.reddit.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
Moviedle.xyz - a new movie guessing daily game by the creator of Actorle (www.reddit.com)
A new UX to show your links. (old.reddit.com)
Show: Free Graphics Generator (old.reddit.com)
Structpad: notepad-database hybrid (old.reddit.com)
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We collected 100+ newsletters ready to promote digital products (#1 Product of the Day right now) (www.producthunt.com)
I'm a VLC developer and just ported this Monkey to iOS: a streamlined Internet / Youtube player based on OpenSource technologies. It's dedicated to the end user and never shows an ad. Fully validated by Apple 🐵 (old.reddit.com)
I built a tool that turns your Figma files into image templates (old.reddit.com)
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First draft: Overbooked is a self-hosted flexible workplace platform for indie coworking owners. (www.reddit.com)
I created a web app where real estate forms complete themselves (www.reddit.com)
End of month summary. Marketing seemed to work! 1.5K clicks, 6500 total applies, 100k+ Google and Twitter impressions. Most of the traffic are from automated, repeatable operations, which makes me look forward to next month! Details in comments :) (www.reddit.com)