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超受欢迎的Linus Tech Tips突然放弃了他们的赞助商Eufy Home Security Cameras,因为他们发现Eufy一直在秘密上传房屋主人的图像,尽管明确指出该产品只在本地存储图像。

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)


The Rings Of Power Pitch Meeting | Ryan George (www.youtube.com)
Homer sleep driving and arriving in Slumberland (www.youtube.com)
Fitness Influencer ‘Liver King’ Admits to Steroid Use: ‘I Lied’ (www.youtube.com)
Classic footage of legendary band Spinal tap performing their famous “Stonehenge” (youtu.be)
external-preview.redd.it image
Instead of miming a track, The Doobie Brothers played “What A Fool Believes” live for the song’s music video, reproducing the sound of the studio track with remarkable accuracy. (m.youtube.com)
Event Horizon: What happened to the previous crew… (youtu.be)
Man who fell off cruise ship swam with sharks in rip currents for 20 hours (youtu.be)
The Maddening Mess of Airport Codes! | CGP Grey (www.youtube.com)
Tony Hawk re-learning how to do a kickflip after snapping his femur (www.youtube.com)
Tampa PD Chief caught on video getting pulled over, asking if camera is on, flashing badge and mentioning she's Chief, and saying "I'm hoping you'll just let us go" (www.youtube.com)
Comedy duo Garfunkel and Oats had a bit from thirteen years ago called Who said it: Kanye or Hitler? (www.youtube.com)
Ultra popular Linus Tech Tips abruptly drops their sponsor, Eufy Home Security Cameras, when it's revealed that Eufy has been secretly uploading images of the home owner, despite explicitly stating that the product only stores images locally. (youtu.be)
Debunking the Pink Sauce Controversy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon (youtu.be)
In Utah, where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is prevalent, there are hundreds of drive-through soda "restaurants", which all popped up after the church clarified in 2012 that caffeinated soda is acceptable to drink, creating an enormous market. (www.youtube.com)
Kanye fans listening to the interview | Rdcworld1 (www.youtube.com)
Prince in 1985 was on another plan of existence. I can't over how effortlessly he jams a blues-y intro, kisses and tosses the pick, and then RIPS for 10 minutes straight. (youtu.be)
This years old SNL skit about Kanye West has aged very well (youtu.be)
Bill Burr - Next time Kanye's going off on himself, just close your eyes, forget it's him, and really listen to what is coming out of this guy's mouth. (www.youtube.com)
Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 | Official Trailer (youtu.be)
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny | Official Trailer (youtube.com)
When my wife rips open the shower curtain with her ice cold hands (youtu.be)
Super Mario Bros Super Show Episode 1 - The Bird! The Bird! (youtu.be)
Moral Panics And How To Spot Them – SOME MORE NEWS (1:02:21) A slightly crazed but thorough breakdown of moral panics and their use in modern times (youtu.be)
The amazing scene from The Wire where the detectives trick a suspect by convincing him an office copy machine is a lie detector (youtube.com)
Jamie Foxx impression of William Defoe's Green Goblin (youtu.be)
The Active Lava Flows on Hawaii's Big Island Make a "Clinking" Sound (www.youtube.com)
Joe Pesci Assaults Muppet on Sesame Street (1994) (youtu.be)
Steve From ‘Blue’s Clues’ Finally Addresses the Rumors (youtu.be)
A satire of 80s music videos oneupmanship, Chrisitne McVie's 'Love Will Show Us How' pokes fun of a music video producer's vision of pirotechnics, dancers, and pratical effects goes comicably wrong. (www.youtube.com)
This scene from The Cosby Show hasn’t aged well (BBQ Sauce) (youtu.be)
A brilliant piece of comedy and homage - every line is a palindrome: Bob by Weird Al (youtu.be)
Nintendo cancels super smash bros community tournaments (www.youtube.com)
Climbing down into the grim medieval Pit Prison at Rothesay Castle on the Isle of Bute Scotland UK (youtu.be)
St. Louis radio host interviews Nick Fuentes, then pretends like he doesn't know who Nick Fuentes is. (www.youtube.com)
Year 536 Was the Worst Year to Be Alive - What Happened? (youtu.be)
Full Time Musician talks dangers of "moderate success", the fantasy of passive income and how he decided to take an office job that ultimately changed his life for the better without giving up his dreams. (youtu.be)
SANS ICS HyperEncabulator (2022) ...update on the famous Retroencabulator (2008) (www.youtube.com)
A music video I made to try to deal with all the insanity of the last couple of years. At the end of the day, isn't the real therapy the music we make along the way? No, it's not, the real therapy is the therapy. (youtu.be)
Eufy "smart" doorbells leak private information and images to the cloud silently without users consent or notice. (www.youtube.com)
Wells Fargo stole from its employees' 401(k) retirement accounts [2:45] (youtu.be)
Economic professor Sean Turnell’s incredible interview after spending 650 days in a Myanmar prison (youtu.be)
Los Lobos - La Bamba - 11/26/1989 - Watsonville High School Football Field (youtu.be)
1st and 2nd dog agility champions superimposed in to same video (youtu.be)
Small Australian Youtuber who makes content on tabletop gaming, and creative hobbies - House burnt down and lost his studio. His voice is heartbreaking. Please support (www.youtube.com)
Best wuxia martial arts sword fight I've seen in ages, and it's made by amateurs (www.youtube.com)
In case you haven't watched it this month, here's the Prince solo at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame (www.youtube.com)
Metallica Dropped a new Single, "Lux Æterna", this Morning Without Warning (www.youtube.com)
Hiker finds stray kitten, attempts to convince himself he cant adopt the stray, ends up with new furry buddy (www.youtube.com)
Richard Norman is still uploading videos of himself singing and it warms my heart (www.youtube.com)
After Ethiopia successfully resisted colonization, The west claimed Ethiopians were black Caucasians (www.youtube.com)
A stupendous carved Norman font from 1135 at a remote church in the Yorkshire Wolds of England UK (youtu.be)
The Part of History You've Always Skipped | Neoslavery (www.youtube.com)
One of the most physiologically prepared Mega Millions lottery winners ever (youtu.be)
German movie Critic (the Film analysis) picks apart Amazon studios diversity rules (www.youtube.com)
German WWI veteran describes killing a French soldier in a bayonet charge (youtu.be)
Is this the greatest old lady fight in all of cinema? There aren't many others I can think of. (youtu.be)
SteveMRE Eats nazi chocolate known to have high amounts of caffine (and possibly methamphetamine) without realizing it. (youtu.be)
Super crispy! Not fried! Perfect garlic chips! Garlic cheese sauce (youtu.be)
PROJECT TIGER MOTH: "The Good Old Days" - Fan-made Model Series Pilot Episode (www.youtube.com)
Antz Pantz "Sic 'em Rex" - A real underwear commercial that aired on Australian TV featuring an echidna/'spiny anteater'. Genuinely no idea how they got away with this at the time (www.youtube.com)
Inside the Wellness Festival for Millionaires (Vice) (www.youtube.com)
The Smartest Dog in the World - 60 Minutes Archive (youtu.be)
I have been struggling with my mental health all year. This channel has helped me tremendously with accepting my conditions and I feel like it will help you too. (youtu.be)
Phalanx CIWS anti-air system is like unleashing a whip from hell (youtu.be)
20 Mechanical Principles combined in a Useless Lego Machine (www.youtube.com)
Sleeping Pods inside Tokyo Station (youtu.be)
Waiting For A Star To Fall: A Tribute to 80's Entertainment (www.youtube.com)
My dog likes to wildly bound while off-leash in this local field. He inspired me to make this short video. (youtu.be)
A commercial for Radio Soulwax that I saw once and could never find again until today. NSFW (vimeo.com)
Village People - You Can't Stop The Music (youtube.com)
I was looking for violent Christmas films, and discovered a 1985 Chuck Norris straight-to-VHS fever dream called "Invasion U.S.A." (www.youtube.com)
Remembering the "Struttin' Dat Ass" guy and all the remixes he inspired. Did anyone ever ID him? Was always curious if this guy had a story. (www.youtube.com)
When The David Letterman Show Accidentally Messed with a Murderous Cartel Lord (youtube.com)
Ken Marino, Joe Lo Truglio, David Wain and Weird Al Yankovic have a middle-aged men garage jam band together. (youtu.be)
The best scene with A class celebrity cameos in a movie. Austin Powers: Goldmember (youtu.be)
How poor people survive in the USA | DW Documentary (www.youtube.com)
The impressive 12th century Hopton Castle - site of a sad massacre in 1664 Shropshire England UK (youtu.be)
Background music for YouTube videos in the mid 00's (youtu.be)
Toy Jurassic World theme park I’ve been building with my kids (youtu.be)
Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Illustrator (Square Enix) (youtu.be)
The Beauty of Batman: The Animated Series (youtu.be)
My friend made an insane music video for his new song and i've never been more mesmerized in my life (www.youtube.com)
1965 Buddy & Stacey performance of Shotgun with an as yet unknown Jimi Hendrix playing backing guitar. (youtu.be)
What makes me happy - It's always sunny in philadelphia (www.youtube.com)
Follow the 13+ hour workday of a Japanese Salaryman (youtu.be)
Jack White Didn't Know "Seven Nation Army" Would Become An Anthem | Cona... (youtube.com)
Our obsession with economic growth is deadly | All Hail The Planet (www.youtube.com)
MADtv - Thanksgiving Dinner Guest (youtu.be)
Christmas Shopping in New York 1910 Rare Photos Colorized (youtu.be)
Saudi Arabia's Crazy Half Time Speech vs Argentina (www.youtube.com)
Taliban want to ambush US special forces but Apache gunship takes them out first (youtu.be)
You may not have it all together. That's okay. You're not supposed to. (www.youtube.com)
That Video The Church Of Scientology Tried To Take Down Where Tom Cruise Salutes A Portrait Of Its Dead Founder (www.youtube.com)
Aboriginal man plays jazz on a *leaf*. You don't need a brass band or even an instrument to swing. (www.youtube.com)
William S. Burroughs - A Thanksgiving Prayer (youtu.be)
Arlo Guthrie's original 1967 recording of "Alice's Restaurant" (youtu.be)
Someone (can't say who otherwise the bot removes this post) stole Allen Pan's video: a story of backstab, betrayal, and legally obtaining abandoned IP. (www.youtube.com)
Stage 3 cancer patient asks people to live their lives and to stop focusing on the negative as long as they're healthy (youtu.be)
1977: Sylvester Stallone on making ROCKY | BBC Film 77 | Classic Movie Interviews (www.youtube.com)
Dwarf Fortress Creator Explains its Complexity & Origins | Noclip (www.youtube.com)
Mastering Mont Blanc in a Wingsuit: Exiting at 5300m and gliding 7.5km horizontally. Amazing! (www.youtube.com)
Censorship on British television throughout the ages! (www.youtube.com)
Stunning video of a newly found 400 year old canon ship on the bottom of the sea. (www.youtube.com)
Canadian National Anthem sung at the World Cup for the first time in 36 years. (www.youtube.com)
The Big Snit - This animated short melted my brain with delight as a kid in the 80's. One of the funniest cartoons you're unlikely to have seen. (www.youtube.com)
Crypto Scammer makes a comically bad attempt at defending himself after being called out for being a scammer (www.youtube.com)
1 hour lecture by renowned Professor on Procrastination: He claims if you know how it works, you won't ever do it anymore. Thought this might be helpful considering how many people here suffer from procrastination. (www.youtube.com)
On the night of November 22nd 1987 (35 years ago), the television signals of two stations in Chicago were hijacked. Sending a pirate broadcast of an unidentified person wearing a Max Headroom mask to thousands of viewers. (www.youtube.com)
I don't know if I should be impressed or terrified by the enthusiasm of the guy doing the demonstrations in this video. (youtu.be)
The Future of Everything - Episode 3: Blackout (youtu.be)
Locking Up Children in the USA | Visiting Juvenile Prison: American Incarceration System Documentary (youtu.be)
The Irishman (2019) - Robert De Niro de-aging CGI betrays itself with awkward, old man De Niro fight movement (youtu.be)
Practical Engineering - How long would society last during a total grid collapse? (youtu.be)
The Monopolization of America | Robert Reich (youtu.be)
PVC Feces Rig Tour (Home Made) #vanlife (vimeo.com)
2SICH covers Slipknot, Tool, Sepultura and more for her dad (youtu.be)
T-Mobile was just fined $500 million for a data breach that included its customers' social security and drivers license information [1:49] (youtu.be)
Ecoflow devices have a design flaw that can damage sensitive electronics under specific conditions that they fail to fix or even acknowledge. (youtu.be)